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Skipton North Yorkshire
15th -17th June 2018

WCS Bootcamp for all levels:
Level 1 -
Complete Beginners to Improver level
Level 2 - Improver to Intermediate level
Level 3+ - Intermediate to Advance level

*Paul Warden (UK)
*Browly (France)
Estelle Bonnaire (France)

Weekend Includes:

* Two ballrooms with Sprung dance floor

*Workshops all day Saturday & Sunday

*Social dancing until early hours

*Fantastic Hotel

*Two nights stay

* Dinner Bed & Breakfast

Some of the

*Peter Flood

£205 per person

PRICES - Dinner, Bed & Breakfast


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When Browly isn't teaching, you can find him on the dance floor, both in competitions and socially. Browly has a contagious smooth cool looking dance style that makes women feel great and men simply want to replicate. Browly has a highly impressive WCS competition background and he continues to have success internationally at the highest level. This combined with his bags of enthusiasm and his obvious passion for West Coast Swing is clearly transparent both in his teaching and social dancing. Browly’s classes take both the lead & follow elements of West Coast Swing down a progressive pathway, improving both lead & follow technique and how to achieve that fantastic West Coast Swing look.
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Paul Warden

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Paul found dance later in his life than most, not actually taking a formal dance class until he was well into his teens. Unlike most people this small fact would install a sense of limitation but to Paul it was just an excuse to give him even more focus.  Within a few years Paul was introduced to West coast swing, an introduction that would change his life profoundly. Paul took to WCS very naturally and had soon out grown the depth of his teachers understanding in the UK and Europe. Paul then began to travel across America to satisfy his insatiable need for greater experience and understanding.  Over the next few years while he passed on his knowledge and experience to a then buddy European WCS community he also began a very successful competition campaign amalgamating in becoming one of the first non-American dancers to compete and place in the illustrious Champions division. His Elegant style, liquid transition and ability to interpret music while maintaining a deep connection with his partner is something special. Paul stands out as one of the most noticeable dancers on the social dance floor. his experience in teaching west coast swing at all levels for well over a decade makes his classes a must for any budding WCS dancer looking to progress at any level.
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Estelle Bonnaire

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Estelle Bonnaire is one of the first dancers to discover West Coast Swing in France during the first edition of SSS in 2003. At the time, she had been dancing Lindy Hop for several years but fell in love with WCS immediately. She moved to Montreal in 2011 to teach WCS full time after taking many lessons and workshops with top WCS dancers, and started participating in competitions. She is currently at All Star level and has returned to France where she has started her very own dance studio (Move Addict in Montpellier France) in 2014. She is also working closely with Sway'd shoes.
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On Line bookings

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*no additional charges for on-line bookings
Reserve your place £30pp - Deposits made by phone only

PRICES - Dinner, Bed & Breakfast

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PRICES - Dancing & Workshops only
Male weekend pass - £85

Female weekend pass - £85
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WCS - Bootcamp Evening Passes

*pay on the door (after 21:00hrs)

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Disclaimer: Dance is an aerobic activity and dancers participate at their own risk. Fully understanding that injury or loss is their own responsibility and that the organisers (Dance Junkies) cannot be held responsible in any circumstance.