Modern Jive
Dance Teacher Training

We do not want to create good instructors, but to help create great dance Teachers.
A dance teacher is an experienced dancer, somebody who has a good understanding of the dance they are teaching, how it works and why it works. An instructor often demonstrates parrot fashion without explaining how to get things to work (a DVD for example is Instructional). A teacher uses information from his students, responds to their problems and modifies his /her teaching. Instructing is one way communication, teaching is a two way even with a class of 200 dancers / students.

Dance Teacher Training - Course content:

Dance teacher course manual.

Teaching and understanding turning / spinning correctly; Chaine & Pivot turns and how / when they are used in the Modern Jive.

Teaching & understanding why tension & compression is the key to freestyle dancing and how we obtain that.

All dance styles (including Modern Jive) have absolutes and consistencies, understanding these is key to understanding the dance you are teaching.

Syllabus moves; Beginner / Improver moves including the basic footwork for each move
-Important provides a professional smooth dance.

Understanding the structure of the dance - what makes it work in freestyle, why simply changing little things can make a move danceable in freestyle.

Teaching a move, breaking it down, importance of timing, monitoring students & recognising success of teaching
-Often not understood by self taught Modern Jive instructors.

Teach the three stages of a dance move/pattern e.g.: breakdown, timing and short calls to music.

Know and be able to teach both the lead and follow parts of the dance - a dance teacher has to know both parts (even if he/she is not competent in dancing them is freestyle.

Teaching a lesson & the structure of putting a successful lesson together.

Safety; good teaching, creating a safe environment.

Course options:

a) Private ‘One to One’ Teacher / Instructor training. Run over 2 weekends in Chester, £320 if you bring your own demonstrated, £420 if you don’t have your own demonstrator. Additional days at £50 per day, if you feel you need additional days prior to the exam.

Private ‘One to One’ Teacher / Instructor training. Run over 2 weekends in your area, price on request.

Group course Run in Chester £250 per person run over two weekends. Additional days at £50 per day - Date TBC

Group course run in your area over two weekends (you supply the hall / venue), price on request.

Additional cost if you want to be a professionally qualified instructor / dance teacher; exam fee, UKA membership, LeRoc membership.

Becoming a member of the
‘United Kingdom Alliance of Professional Teachers of Dance’ the UKA, has many benefits including Public Liability insurance included in the membership fee (~£100 per annum).